What is Flashbox?

It is our ecosystem of tools developed from a real demand from providers to perform The remote equipment management from the client's home.

The solution is compatible with different manufacturers and models, with an integrated environment of interfaces to facilitate customer service.


  The Flashbox Solution

We use two technologies for the remote management of CPEs. You can take advantage of the solution:

1. Installing our own Firmware Flashbox on your customers' router for the best experience.

2. Leveraging the option of remote management via TR-069 protocol for Wi-Fi routers and ONUs.


2. Management via TR-069

If you choose to use the original firmware of the ONU or the router, you can take advantage of our solution with management via the TR-069 protocol.

  • Unified management of different CPEs (routers and ONTs).

  • Communication via HTTP or HTTPS.

Wi-Fi Mesh: coverage for the whole house

Goodbye to connection blind spots in your customers' homes. Provide a stronger, quality signal for streaming, games, home office and whatever else is needed for your subscriber and everyone in the same household to have the best experience.

Redes Mesh

Interfaces & Features


Management platform aimed at attendants/NOC, providing an inside view of the customer's home for remotely solving and diagnosing problems.

Technician Application

Standardizing the installation and maintenance processes, giving more agility to the service at the customer's home.

Customer Application

Your subscriber can easily manage connected devices in an app branded by your provider.


Understand how you can increase your provider's profit, improving your network and reducing the amount of technical visits.

Vision in inside the user's home

Remote diagnosis

Bulk scheduled update

Automatic reconfiguration of CPEs

Standardized service process for technicians

Leading edge in network security technology

Available integrations


Are you an ERP developer? Contact us to know more details about the integration procedure!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell Flashbox as an SVA?2020-06-01T23:35:18+00:00

Yes, and the solution is White Label!

Also, get in touch with us to understand how to offer the service and also to learn more about the customer-only App.

Can Flashman be integrated with ERP?2020-06-01T23:36:17+00:00

Yes, we already have some clients with APIs linked to Flashbox. See our API documentation here

How much does Flashbox cost?2022-07-11T18:47:07+00:00

The Flashbox base license covers a single router. The price of each license depends on the number of licenses purchased. We follow our Regression Table Policy, as in the table below:

qty of licenses Amount per license/month
1000 R$ 0.96
+ 1000 Contact!


See our Terms of use for a breakdown of what is included in a basic license.

What router models are supported?2020-06-01T23:39:09+00:00

See our model compatibility page here

The router belongs to whom?2020-06-01T23:40:46+00:00

Routers are and will always be from providers. Anlix does not purchase or resell any router.

The Flashbox Solution only contains firmware installed inside the routers. It is even possible to revert to the manufacturer's original firmware, if desired.

What happens to routers when I cancel Flashbox licenses?2020-06-01T23:42:23+00:00

Routers continue to access the Internet normally. However, any communication with Flashman or management applications is interrupted. Thus, any changes to the router's configuration will not be carried out.

After cancellation, you can restore the router to its original firmware.

Does Flashbox support dual-stack IPv4/IPv6?2020-05-28T23:42:01+00:00
Sure! The WAN interface has dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 mode enabled for PPPoE and DHCP.

Does it come with MU MIMO configured?2020-05-28T23:42:01+00:00

Yea! It's all enabled.

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