Last mile It is a very common term to be used in means of telecommunications and it is related to providers and internet service, being a strategic point to offer a good service to the customer.

Check out in detail what is the last mile from ISP, in addition to their main management challenges for broadband providers.

What is an ISP?

Before understanding what the term “last mile” means, it is necessary to clarify what is an ISP🇧🇷 This acronym stands for “Internet Service Provider”, or Internet Service Provider in Portuguese.

An ISP is a company that offers telecommunication services for use and connection to the worldwide internet network of any nature, with authorization from Anatel, the regulatory agency for telecommunications in our country.

In addition to internet access, some ISPs may also offer other additional services such as unique email accounts, DNS customization (Domain Name System), website hosting and construction platform, as well as VoIP (Voice over IP) services.

Another important fact about ISPs is that all are interconnected via network access points, as well as due to the backbone's public network resources (backbone, in English) from the internet.

This structure currently uses advanced technologies that allow the flow of services, consisting of cabling implemented in a structured way. THE optical fiber, state-of-the-art technology that allows for more quality and speed in data transfer, plays an important role in expanding the products offered today.

What is the ISP's last mile?

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THE last mile, also called "last mile” in English, is related to the ends of a telecommunication network, that is, where the consumption of the service purchased by the end customer takes place.

Although “mile” is a unit of measurement, the term is not related to a specific measure of the network, but to the general context of the passages that connect the products to the customers' addresses, regardless of whether it is a cable television, internet or fiber optic service.

In addition to the last mile, there is another term related to the journey that data takes to reach customers: the intermediate mile (middle mile🇧🇷 As the name implies, it refers to connections that are interconnected for different purposes, carrying out data traffic for individuals, companies and government agencies.

Providers are the ones who decide how information is sent, which may be the stage that causes problems in the efficiency of the network in the last mile, directly impacting the performance of this other section.

This happens because one of the connections may send many data packets in an amount greater than the sized one, overloading the connection. This directly impacts other companies or users who share this network.

Importance of the last mile for ISPs

THE last mile is so relevant because it is one of the most important steps when offering services, mainly related to the internet, where it is really identified the quality and satisfaction of consumers.

There's this big concern about the last mile because it's the section where several problems usually occur of connection between the ISP and the customers. One of the most observed by providers is the speed bottleneck, making it impossible for the correct data flow to users.

To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, therefore, it is important for the ISP to monitor its customer's experience from QoE (quality of experience) like the Flashboard by Anlix🇧🇷 Provider, fill out a quick form and start testing the platform for decision-making in your operation right now.

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The last mile is also a point of concern for ISPs because it is the segment that generates more expenses, since in addition to the cabling that must reach various pieces of equipment in homes or businesses, it is still necessary to support customers and carry out unexpected maintenance.

With that, one good management of the last mile is essential to ensure good performance of the services offered and consumer satisfaction. This intensifies even more with the increasingly frequent use of technologies and equipment that demand high-speed, stable connections with low latency and high availability.

The solution Flashbox by Anlix, is the best option for this demand, as it allows remote management of equipment at customers' homes. In addition to being compatible with several manufacturers, it offers an integrated environment to facilitate customer service.

Main challenges in managing the last mile


For you to better understand the main challenges, we made a brief list of the main points that make management difficult and impact the last mile, check it out.

1. Last mile expenses and productivity

One of the last mile challenges for ISPs is against the need to productivity and efficiency of this stretch, since for networks to offer good performance, providers generally end up investing in more expensive structures.

2. Last mile safety

Another point of attention of internet providers is ensure data transfer security of customers. This is a basic need in the different modalities, whether for home or corporate networks, which need total protection.

It can be a critical point for successful service performance in the last mile, as there are different technologies implemented today, such as using cloud storage and different types of firewalls.

3. Full control over networks in the last mile

The last point of attention about the last mile of the ISP is that this stretch does not always allow full provider control.

In some cases, ISPs may depend on the service from other third-party providers that take the connection to the end customer, making the problem solving process difficult, which is the responsibility of another company.

With this information, it was easier to understand what corresponds to the last mile of the ISP and the main challenges in the management of this section of the network by the providers.

Therefore, to maintain better control of the customer experience, it is important for the provider to take advantage of Wi-Fi remote management and monitoring solutions in the last mile. Fill out a quick form below and start testing now!


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