It is with great satisfaction that Anlix, a leading company in the remote management and monitoring software market in the telecommunications sector, announces a new strategic partnership with Voalle Group, renowned ERP developer.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for both companies, as it brings together Anlix's experience and technical excellence in remote management, proactive support and performance monitoring with the Voalle Group’s expertise in integrated business management systems.

Voalle + Anlix
The CEO of the Voalle Group, Gilnei Engelmann, and the CEO of Anlix, Guilherme Sengès, side by side in making the partnership official

Through this collaboration, the two companies seek to offer customers highly integrated, comprehensive and effective solutions to meet the growing demands of the telecommunications market. By combining Anlix's advanced remote management capabilities with the strength and functionality of the ERP developed by Grupo Voalle, customers will be able to optimize their operations, improve efficiency and make more informed strategic decisions.

Anlix and Grupo Voalle are committed to ensuring seamless integration between their solutions, offering customers an integrated, continuous and seamless experience. Both companies are committed to providing high-quality technical support and personalized services to ensure each customer's success and satisfaction.

Voalle + Anlix
Workshop held in Santa Maria-RS, headquarters of the Voalle Group, for training and team integration

This partnership reflects Anlix and Voalle Group's commitment to driving innovation and offering world-class solutions to the telecommunications market. We look forward to collaborating closely with our customers and partners to reach new heights of excellence and success.

For more information about the solutions offered by Anlix and the Voalle Group, contact us or visit our websites. If you want to start testing the solutions in your operation right away, fill out this quick form below.

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