It is with great enthusiasm that Anlix officially announces the closing of a contract with the Brazilian internet operator Ligga.

This milestone represents a strategic union between two powerhouses in the technology and telecommunications sector, marking the beginning of a collaboration that aims to optimize and elevate the connection experience for thousands of broadband internet subscribers.

About the League

Ligga is recognized as one of the 15 largest internet providers in Brazil, standing out for its excellence in offering broadband, fiber optic and innovative solutions to its customers throughout the state of Paraná and neighboring areas. With a vast subscriber base, Ligga is synonymous with quality and reliability in the national connectivity scenario.

Guilherme Sengès, CEO of Anlix; Jefferson Rosa, Fixed Access Specialist at Ligga; and Humberto Sartini, Engineering Manager at Ligga

Anlix: pioneer in technological solutions

Anlix, in turn, is a company dedicated to developing advanced software solutions for the telecommunications sector, specializing in management, automation, monitoring and analysis directives:

  • Remote management of CPEs through the TR-069 protocol;
  • Process automation;
  • Monitoring Wi-Fi performance in the customer's home;
  • Analysis for assertive decision making.

Its tools provide internet providers with a more efficient operation, enabling the delivery of high-quality services and ensuring subscriber satisfaction.

What to expect from this partnership

With the completion of this contract, Anlix is committed to providing Ligga with cutting-edge technologies that will boost operational efficiency, enabling smarter and more proactive management of its network infrastructure and customer base.

The implementation of Anlix's solutions will allow Ligga to improve the quality of the services offered, monitoring its customers' internet performance, diagnosing and resolving possible problems remotely in a few clicks, thus providing a more stable and satisfactory internet experience for its customers.

Both companies are excited about the potential of this partnership to drive innovation in the telecommunications sector and raise quality standards for end consumers.

Workshop Anlix + Ligga

Workshop to use Anlix platforms with the Ligga technical team on the last 5th and 6/12

Representatives' statement

In a joint statement, representatives from both companies expressed their enthusiasm regarding the partnership. “We are excited to collaborate with Ligga, a reference in the telecom operator market in Brazil. Together, we can take services to a new level, offering cutting-edge technological solutions that will directly benefit end users”, said Anlix CEO, Guilherme Sengès.

Ligga engineering manager Humberto Sartini adds: “Anlix is recognized for its innovation and commitment to excellence. This strategic partnership reflects our commitment to offering the best to our customers, providing an even more robust and reliable experience.”

With high expectations and a shared commitment to excellence, the partnership between Anlix and Ligga promises significant innovations in the connectivity scenario, consolidating both companies as references in the sector.

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