THE internet of things came to stay and is in our daily life more than we imagine. On TV or cell phones, it brings countless benefits to our daily lives, but even so, it is necessary to be safe in its use.

Many people even have doubts about this term: after all, what is the internet of things? This is a technology that interacts and communicates with other equipment, especially online🇧🇷 An example is the fridge that alerts you when your milk is running out or the Smart TV that shows the Netflix series and movies you love.

However, within this context, we think little about safety, as we experience ease in our day-to-day lives without considering the consequences. THE Smart TV already have our daily data, the smartphone it loads our bank accounts, the refrigerator already holds our card information, Alexa knows what time we sleep and wake up…

Believe me, the internet of things (IoT) is already part of our lives, without even realizing it. This can also be worrying, after all, sometimes it becomes much easier for your data to “leak”.

A survey conducted by the company ClearSale, in the first quarter of 2021, claimed that e-commerce fraud rose 84% in just one year, i.e. the data we store in our new daily companies is also making life easier for fraudsters.

How to start care in the internet of things?

Security on the internet of things starts with small tips suggested by Anlix that seem silly, but which should, yes, have your attention.

First of all, unknown Wi-Fi networks should be avoided, as they can be a gateway to hackers🇧🇷 Protecting your internet access is critical as well. So, when choosing passwords for your network, don't make it easy, don't choose the obvious. If possible, use special characters, letters and numbers that many applications already recommend.

Antivirus is not a decoration, so don't just leave it on your computer, but also on your cell phone, tablet and any device that has internet access. There is even security Anti-Malware for Smart TVs🇧🇷 Always keep apps up to date and scan your devices as much as possible.

If possible, use IoT appliances on a separate router to protect them.. THEIn the end, if you get hacked, you won't have all your information in one place.

Updates are more than important in IoT devices, not only for the equipment's operating quality, but also – and essentially – for protection. Companies often make updates in order to create forms of protection for the device.

Router: gateway security

Nowadays, the largest number of scams are done through the router. Therefore, we stress the importance of Be careful with the safety of this device.

To reach the devices accessible to the internet of things, it is necessary to release the internet by the router. O Flashbox firmware, from Anlix, is an excellent way to protect the network from the entry point. It is even common for many cybercriminals take advantage of the vulnerability of these ports, and with the security that Flashbox brings, the subscriber can feel more protected.

In addition to the protection provided by Flashbox, it is very important to have a secure password on networks, after all, it is through the router that the cybercriminal can enter the systems of devices accessible to the internet of things.

The idea of these cybercriminals it's always about accessing your daily life and taking advantage of it, with the aim of committing petty thefts, such as robbing bank accounts, and even buying products. It is also important to mention the use of equipment to explore other activities, such as cryptocurrency mining, use in data attacks and data kidnapping for ransom via payment.

In addition, with access, they can redirect website traffic, interfere with connections, slow down the internet, create a zombie network, among other problems. That is, protection is more than necessary in the universe of the internet of things.

Take the opportunity that you're here to learn more about the subject with our Anlix Connection video! In it, we discussed the facilities and importance of management for the internet of things.

Smartphone: a great danger in the internet of things

Today the our smartphone contains information from virtually all The our life, from our health data to our address and bank details. In Brazil alone, we know that more than 100 million cell phones have already been stolen or stolen, according to a survey carried out by the site mobile time in partnership with opinion box.

At this time, you have to be smart and not let IoT solutions become a nightmare. To start, try using biometric identification. Another ally is two-step confirmation. Finally, always ask your cell phone to ask for the PIN password.

Of all these tips, the most important is: anticipate. It is very important for you to think about your vulnerabilities and, in particular, to take advantage of this trend safely and without problems.

Provider, take advantage of the Flashbox solution and all its advantages to offer your subscriber all the necessary security to take advantage of this new phase of the internet of things. Enough fill out a quick form here!

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