We inform you that, since January 2023, we have started installing our services for Flashman servers in the virtual container format, and soon we would like to migrate all existing servers to this new format. Therefore, we provide our Anlix support to carry out this process with the approval of our customers.

Why Virtual Container?

The concept of virtual containers has been used since 2016 quite frequently and has several benefits. Here are some of them applied to the context of Flashman:

Greater security

environments containerized have uniform and standardized control over ports that can be exposed on the network. In addition, the entire software environment that needs to be installed on the server starts to maintain the same standard and these are also updated in synchrony with the update of Flashman versions.

Updates to these software always correct any security flaws that were discovered by their maintainers.

Increased monitoring capacity and flexibility

Through virtual containers, we increased the amount of metrics on the health of a Flashman server, collecting machine statistics and software execution, in addition to logs sent when unexpected events occur. There are more than 1000 different pieces of information currently collected.

Greater scalability in managing CPEs

It is possible to use multiple machines in different locations to act in a unique way in the management of CPEs through automatically distributed virtual containers.

Flashman's Resilience Increase

Through multiple machines and a setup adequate network infrastructure, it is possible to replicate the tool's database and load balancing and redirection in catastrophe events.