It is with great pleasure that we share Anlix's latest achievements at the beginning of the year! Our continuous commitment to excellence and innovation was recognized once again by the renowned Capterra portal, which awarded eight new badges to our solutions: Flashboard and Flashbox.

O capterra, the world's leading, internationally recognized software assessment and analysis portal, which had already awarded the Flashbox solution with its first two seals in the “Corrective and Preventive Action” category: Best Ease of Use and Best Value 2023, has now given us 8 more new awards. Are they:


Best Ease of Use for the Remote Monitoring and Management category.


Best Ease of Use  in 4 categories:

  • Strategic planning
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reports
  • Remote Monitoring and Management

Best Value 2023 in 3 categories:

  • Strategic planning
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reports

We proudly display these emblems on the pages of flashbox solution and from Flashboard solution.

These badges are a demonstration of Anlix's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We sincerely thank all users who shared their experiences and feedback on Capterra, as your involvement is fundamental to the success of our projects together!

It was these reviews from our satisfied customers who rated both solutions 4.8⭐ on the Capterra platform.


What is Capterra?

Capterra is a website that provides software reviews and comparisons to help businesses find the right solution for their needs. Capterra has over 1 million software reviews across hundreds of categories. Therefore, with Capterra Review, companies can collect valuable data, which is the user's own opinion.

There are nearly 1.5 million validated reviews across 800+ software categories on the platform. All reviews go through a rigorous review process to ensure authenticity.

Seals, emblems or Badges, are awarded by Capterra to prominent software providers, such as our Flashbox and Flashboard!

What are stamps about?Best Ease of Use" It is "Best Value?

Best Ease of Use Capterra

Badge “Best Ease of Use” is recognition given by Capterra to software products that have received high ratings and positive reviews from users for their ease of use. The award is intended to highlight software products that are easy to use and intuitive.

Software products that receive the “Best Ease of Use” award are considered to be among the best in their category in terms of usability and user experience.

Already the Badge “Best Value” is a recognition by good cost-benefit of the software for the user company. That is, adding the solution to your operation, however costly, in the medium or long term will be beneficial and will bring savings in many ways.

We thank you for your continued trust in our management, automation, monitoring and analytics platforms and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that drive your success.

You can read all the reviews we receive directly on the pages from Flashboard It's from Flashbox on Capterra. If you are already our client, you can make your evaluation this link to Flashbox and this link to Flashboard.